We Are the Wild Girls

The story began in Geneva with three ambitious women entrepreneurs, passionate about “Sexy Healthy Food”.

Farah, Mira & Mona, which are respectively a Nutritionist, an Architect & a Lawyer, decided to leave their comfort zone and settled careers, to put their common passion for food on the table!

The newest addition to the team, Sarah, joined the Wild Girls this year as a new Partner and Manager on board with an objective to sail the boat ‘WG’ on to new international horizons.

Linked by their multi-cultural origins, and their European background, the Wild Girls couldn’t but add a “Taste of the World” to their dishes!

You can find notes of Oriental spices to Brazilian south American influence in their innovative cuisine.

Travel savvies, the girls used that passion to bring eclectic menus on the table, inspired by cuisines and unique recipes from all over the world. We can say they have created an innovative concept to serve a “New Kind of Food” to their community’s daily life. It is with a fun and humorous approach in mind that the “Wild Girls” was born.

WG Journey

Since 2016, Wild Girls has built its reputation thanks to its international, healthy gourmet food and 100% homemade concept.

They first started with a restaurant in the renowned “BONGENIE” department store serving between 60-110 covers a day with its 40 seat configuration, making a successful craze amongst the Swiss habitants!

In 2020, they have massively expanded their concept through the launch of their catering services, cooking tutorials as well as a successful online shop, allowing their community to benefit from the unique wild experience at home.

Today, they finally opened their own deli shop in the heart of Geneva, where their fans can buy Wild Girls’ finished yummy products like almond butter, granola and seed crackers off-the shelves and also enjoy the deliciously prepared daily dishes as takeaway!

The Wild Girls will always impress you with their revolutionizing recipes and ambitious vision!

Stay tuned for the next projects to come.

About the Brand

The concept behind the brand evolves around Healthy Food without calling it a diet.
For us, eating healthy is a multi-sensorial experience. We believe that food should not only smell and taste wonderful, it should also look amazing!

Everything we create is homemade by the team, with no preservatives, no artificial coloring, only using fresh and natural ingredients.

We are the first in Switzerland to be reinterpreting the famous Brazilian meal, the Tapioca, but Wild Girls style!

Our passion for this genuine dish led us to develop our own manioc starch or “The Powder”. To make it more attractive, we color it with natural vegetable juices and garnish it with their tasty, eclectic recipes. This success led us to develop numerous products to spice up the everyday home cooking of our community.
Always with a humorous tone, our brand plays around an eccentric and fun image of women each representing a specific ingredient. The communication is based on song
lyrics, fun quotes and color, associating each dish and product with its own cool signature name!

NB : Although “Wild Girls” could be a based on a word game, the real meaning behind “Wild” is finding the best ingredients in nature for nourishing the body and mind.